Docuflow’s services available on Crown Commercial Service’s cloud software framework

G-Cloud 12 offers public sector organisations a straightforward and compliant way to purchase Docuflow’s cloud-based services, provided through an online catalogue called the Digital Marketplace. There are over 38,000 services from 5,224 suppliers available for customers to access. We want to help you navigate this list by being clear about our services and listing them in a concise way for clarity and ease.

Our services include Service Definition Documents which provide detailed service information to support evaluating services, empowering you to make better buying decisions. As a G-Cloud supplier, we guarantee working in a way that will help buyers comply with the Technology Code of Practice.

Docuflow provide cloud-software solutions that help government and associated organisations who can access the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) G-Cloud 12 framework to streamline their processes and workflows to help them work smarter, more efficiently and save time and resources.

Being a recognised supplier on the CCS cloud software framework means Docuflow is best placed to offer stellar support to companies needing assistance with their digital transformation requirements and projects. Here are detailed Docuflow services you can procure from the G-Cloud 12 Digital Marketplace. See our G-Cloud 12 Profile here.

Service 1: Document Management, Content Management, Data Capture & Portals

About service:

  • infoRouter is sophisticated document and content management software. It manages any type of document or file including text, pictures, audio, video or any visual content you may have stored. infoRouter is deployed globally in diverse sectors and has over 400,000 users worldwide.
  • Find documents fast using just a standard web browser. infoRouter will help you locate documents within seconds, where you are able to search using full text or custom metadata.
  • Achieve quality control and ensure any document you reference, is the most up-to-date by applying version control. You can even implement various publishing rules or ISO review periods on all of your company files.
  • Workflow approve documents by creating workflow approval processes for purchase orders, supplier invoices, expenses, design request changes and much more.
  • InfoForms option allows you to digitise your paper forms enabling digital data capture on the move, smart and mobile device, build forms with rules, validation, workflows and audit tracking, you can capture digital signatures with if required time/date, GPS Location, photos, videos, audio and barcodes.
  • DocuTrack option enables you to send documents for e-signature/s with visibility and audit trail.
  • Version control with subscription notifications lets you keep abreast of any changes to a document. You can subscribe to a specific document, or a folder for a wider outlook. Once subscribed, you will automatically be emailed whenever a change has been made to the document, or in the case of a ‘folder subscription’, when any new documents are added.

Service 2: DocuPoD – Post on Demand – Hybrid Mail

About service:

  • You are able to send mail quickly and easily from your computer without ever having to leave your desk. Mail can be directly sent to a state-of-the-art production mail centre, which costs less than traditional mail once all costs are factored in.
  • DocuPoD’s modern delivery postal solution has myriad benefits including security, governance, traceability and speed.
  • DocuPoD is a world-class solution that works effortlessly in tandem with other programs, as is evidenced by its seamless integration into SAP, Oracle, Sage and Dynamics to name just a few.
  • You can save time and resources by sending a range of documents via DocuPod. These include NHS communications, invoices, remittances, credit notes, wages slips, contracts, appointment letters, newsletters, HR communication, marketing campaigns or any business-critical communication which you are posting or e-mailing.

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Additional Documents:

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