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Although for many organisations physical postal volumes have decreased, mail and document distribution is still an important function and requirement of their day to day operations whilst for some organisations volumes are increasing. Docuflow provide end to end mail solutions and services whether you’re an organisation that needs hardware such as a franking machine or folders and inserters through to organisations that require “Digital Mail Room” to utilise the latest technology to receive, send and distribute post and documentation using software and intelligent postal workflows.

Our three core mail services are:

Mail Room Hardware – Franking devicesLetter openers, Folders Inserters & Scanners

Hybrid Mail – DocuPod (Post on Demand) Our On-site into your mail or print facility or to our Off-site facility as an outsourced function.

Digital Mail Room – Scanning, Data Capture, Workflow, In-coming and Out-going mail, Document Distribution and Mail software.

If you are concerned about your current mail costs and processes do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can help you find cost savings and improve efficiency.


Docuflows Mail Automation and Hybrid mail solutions branded as DocuPod (post on demand) and DocuPost are for organisations that are used to transacting post via stamps, PPI and franking devices, this can be expensive, inefficient and uncontrolled.

DocuPod – “Post on Demand” solutions puts your organisation back in control of postal processes and costs by using modern document technology.

How does DocuPod work?

DocuPod process

DocuPod is a next-generation mail automation solution that enables you to send mail directly from you PC, tablet, phone or laptop 24/7-365 to send mail it is secure, reliable and easy to use.

Collect – When mail is created by staff across your organisation it is directed to one of our UK or Global production mail centres or even into your own on-site production facility – DocuPoD automatically collects, checks, sorts and prepares the mail and post.

Send – Once in the correct format, DocuPod securely sends mail to be processed by the centralised production mail facility, we can even add preferences to your mail so that it is sent as physical post, e-mail or uploaded into a document portal for collection.

Track – The solution allows you to track exactly where each mailing is in the printing and delivery process. It then reports the status back to the sender as well as compiling the data into management reports.


DocuPost is Docuflows “Document Delivery Portal”, the next step beyond mailing physical post documents. DocuPost is a modern technology postal solution based upon the Pareto law principle which was discovered by the famous Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto who observed and applied a mathematical formula in 1906 that 80% of the land in Italy was owned by 20% of the population. The Pareto law principle has since been discovered to apply to many other areas of life from business through to nature and our aim was to provide an automated document delivery solution to replace traditional post by improving process and reducing postal costs by 80% in fact some of our DocuPost customers now enjoy postal process improvements of up to 95% when compared to their previous traditional franking, PPI and stamps methods.

The “DocuPost Delivery Portal” benefits over traditional post and e-mail by providing;

  • Visibility
  • Security
  • Governance
  • Traceability
  • Transparency
  • Speed
  • Integrates with other solutions such as SAP, Oracle, Sage, Dynamics plus many others

If you are sending business critical documents to your customers currently via post or e-mail, then our DocuPost self service document delivery portal will save you time & money by helping your organisation to automate existing processes, show guaranteed delivery and provide complete document visibility by allowing the sender to see when the document has been read or saved in real time.

Some of the document types the portal is currently used for but not exclusive to is invoices, remittances, credit notes, wages slips, contracts, appointment letters, newsletters, HR communication, marketing campaigns, in fact any business critical communication which you are posting or e-mailing is suitable for DocuPost!

If you think your organisation or business could benefit for improving current postal and document delivery process don’t hesitate to request further information.

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Our portfolio of products and best of class solutions and services encompassing hardware and software In House, Outsourced or in the Cloud combined with our ability to manage existing contracts and agreements where beneficial. We offer unique turnkey solutions enabling us to deliver seamlessly across the UK supported by superb levels of service and customer care.

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