Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services

Save 30 – 40% on  your Print Costs


At a time when organisations are looking for ways to improve processes, reduce expenditure whilst increasing efficiency, Docuflow offers proven services & solutions that have been helping organisations like yours take control of their hidden costs for print, mail and document workflows — Our Managed Print Services (MPS) & Managed Document Services (MDS) programs.

By optimising your fleet of printers and managing your document workflows and infrastructure, we’ll help you focus on your core business goals by providing you with the leading document technologies.

The Managed Print Experts

At Docuflow, we’ve moved far beyond the box. Our people bring innovative, real-world solutions to help you cut costs, streamline operations, control your output environment, secure your documents, and reduce your environmental footprint. If there’s one thing every business and our planet can use right now, it’s managing to do more with less.

Experience counts

Docuflow’s document experts are highly experienced in implementing a proven and finely tuned process of optimising print, mail and document workflow environments for organisations to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency.

The Docuflow Process

Docuflow solutions use a proven business management strategy combined with our extensive knowledge of print management.

We begin with a Document Analysis of a company’s document output fleet and identify any inefficiencies. These inefficiencies may include redundant, underutilised, and outdated equipment, high cost local devices as well as hidden costs of storerooms overflowing with mismatched and outdated printer supplies.

Docuflow chart

Our Docuflow DMAIC process includes

  • DEFINE the objectives, constraints, timeframes & participants
  • MEASURE the assets, usage, workflow & cost drivers
  • ANALYSE data to create detailed cost profiles for every product & process
  • IMPROVE the current environment with an effective solution
  • CONTROL through ongoing benchmarking, cost improvements, etc.

Putting our consultation program into action

As part of your Document Analysis, our trained professionals will provide an onsite walkthrough of your offices and a complete inventory of your fleet of document equipment. We help you consolidate your print volume to more efficient multifunction devices and to your existing efficient network laser printers. This optimisation can reduce costs, streamline operations, maximise control, secure your documents, and conserve resources.

Reduce Costs

We calculate precisely how much waste occurs within your company and/or individual departments.

Our experts determine the cost savings you can expect, including hard savings through the reduction of hardware costs as well as soft savings through improved efficiency.

Businesses that have already taken advantage of our Managed Print Services have realised an average savings of between 30% and 40%, with the most substantial savings as high as 60%.

Areas of cost savings include fleet optimisation, acquisition method and vendor / asset management.

  • Reduce number and types of devices
  • Optimise printing
  • Online supplies ordering
  • Online service requests
  • Interface with one vendor

How Customers Save Money

Docuflow’s Managed Print Services

Our comprehensive pricing program includes:

  • Impressions toner, as well as other manufacturers
  • Fleet monitoring
  • Device level monitoring (usage, consumables status, automated supplies replenishment)
  • National service for all devices
  • Help desk and technical support
  • Onsite repairs
  • Online portal for efficient ordering of supplies

Our Print Services Portal is a secure, easy-to-use, online site that enables you to access your account information 24/7.

Maximise ControlSpeech Bubble

One of the best ways to control printing costs is to control the use of print devices. We offer rules-based network printing so you can control the use of print devices. You can predetermine printing parameters including size, volume, mandatory duplex printing, black and white vs. color, and the ability to redirect jobs to lower-cost devices.

You can notify users of job costs and environmental impact before they print in order to increase awareness of printing costs and to decrease waste. You can also implement rules to increase document security and meet regulatory requirements by preventing confidential documents from being printed or informing you who printed them and when.

Docuflow MPS PortalDocuflow portal

Control and monitor your print environment through our Managed Print Service Portal (MPSP).

MPSP is an easy-to-use online procurement and support site for your business. It enables you to access your account information 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The website is secure, convenient and easy to navigate, in order to allow you to streamline asset management, review usage, procure supplies and request services.

  • Equipment ordering
  • Fleet management
  • Supplies requisition
  • Usage monitoring

Reports on devices including:

  • Population
  • Usage
  • Total cost
  • Service history

Reports categorised by:

  • Fleet
  • Product type
  • Brand
  • Location
  • Individual device

Eco-innovation and data security

Two of the most common concerns of today’s businesses are preserving the environment and securing valuable data. At Docuflow, we have systems in place to help businesses meet company requirements as well as government regulations.Managed Print Services

Docuflow will analyse your current eco footprint and find ways to measurably improve it in the future with our Green Report. This report provides clear, accurate measurements of your office printing environmental footprint in terms of paper consumption, electrical consumption and CO2 emissions, natural resource and solid waste impact as well as environmental and economic costs.

The report also provides clear metrics of how optimisation of your document output fleet will impact the environment. Benefits of optimisation include the reduction of electrical consumption by anywhere from 300 to 1,500 kWh per year. Eliminating single-user devices can positively impact the environment by reducing supply usage, energy consumption and waste to landfill. For instance, 60,000 pages printed on a mid range Multifuntional Device uses 1 toner unit whilst the same number of pages produced with desktop printers uses 30 toner cartridges.

Docuflow supplied devices incorporate energy saving features such as:

  • TonerSave Mode
  • Blank Page Elimination
  • Letterhead Print Mode
  • Default Duplex Printing
  • Restriction of Color Printing
  • Super Sleep Mode

We also offer programs to reduce your environmental impact such as consumables recycling programs (Zero Waste to Landfill) and equipment disposal services.

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