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In today’s business environment, ensuring data security has become a priority. Recent surveys show that a corporation has a 26% likelihood of experiencing a major data breach within any given 24-month timeframe. And it may come as a surprise to know that careless management and employee practices are the cause of most security breaches ― even more than criminal or malicious attacks. The consequences of a security breach for a corporation can be both financial and reputational, and can ultimately lead to a lack of trust in its brand.

If you exchange sensitive, confidential or mission-critical information with customers and partners, and use unsecure communication technologies such as emails, FTP servers, Enterprise File Synch and Share solutions without providing proper protection and a rigorous compliance strategy, you may be running serious and unnecessary risks.


Email – Email was not designed with privacy or security standards in mind. Emails are transmitted in clear text over the Internet and are stored in multiple locations with many service providers, which exponentially increases hacking possibilities.

Password-protected zip files – Numerous free tools and tutorials exist that make cracking passwords on zip files in mere minutes an easy task.

Sending two separate email messages – Often, a person will send an email that contains sensitive information and a second email that contains complementary sensitive information. This practice is not in any way secure. Anyone who has gained access to an inbox has access to both the first and second emails..

Uploading files to an FTP server Many corporate email systems and Internet Providers prevent the exchange of large files. As a result, employees often turn to standard FTP servers or file sharing services. These solutions do not protect sensitive data, and can be complicated to use.

Sending CDs, DVDs or USB keys by mail or courier Sending data by mail or courier is actually one of the most dangerous methods for sharing sensitive data and could also become expensive. The potential for the package containing the data to get lost or stolen is significant.


SendSecure is a state-of-the-art file exchange platform that is both highly secure and simple to use. It is expressly designed to allow for the safe exchange and ephemeral storage of sensitive files in a virtual SafeBox. Any files exchanged are encrypted in both the upload and download processes. Furthermore, SendSecure requires authentication from the sender, and double authentication for the recipient. Finally, it automatically purges old files based on a retention policy that is customized when the ephemeral SafeBox is created and provides an audit trail of all communications.


Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) – Once the sender has created the SafeBox, the recipient receives an email with the download link, at which point he must input a secondary onetime code (2 factor authentication), which is received via either an SMS, a voice call or an email.
Strong Encryption SendSecure uses encryption methods recommended by banking and security experts. All communications are encrypted using TLS 1.2 (with forward secrecy). At rest, all files are encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption.
Double Encryption SendSecure protects the SafeBox from intruders or unauthorized employees by double encryption. One of the two required keys used to decrypt the SafeBox content must be provided by the sender or the recipient before accessing its content.
Ephemeral SafeBox SendSecure allows you to customise the lifespan of a SafeBox. Once that lifespan expires, all files in the SafeBox are deleted and no longer accessible by any party. The sender can also terminate a SafeBox at any time and select the level of security.
Hosting Facilities XMedius has partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS), one of the most secure server infrastructures in the world. AWS publishes its “Web Risk and Compliance Program” which includes all certifications, report and thirdparty attestations (available on demand). Additionally, XMedius has obtained the appropriate security certifications and accreditations (ISO/IEC 27001) to demonstrate the security of its infrastructure and services.

Simple to Use

ScreenshotSuperior User Experience SendSecure’s intuitive design makes it as easy to use as sending an email. In addition, the recipient does not require a subscription, nor are any hardware or software downloads necessary. All you need to use SendSecure is a communication device—such as computer, mobile phone or tablet–and a web browser. Its elegantly simple design means that employee training is no longer an issue, and adopting SendSecure as the solution of choice is effortless.

Simple Integration SendSecure’s seamless integration with Outlook (Office 365) lets you send small or large files of all types directly from Outlook without having to open another application. Users can also send secure encrypted files both large and small from a mobile phone or tablet to individuals or groups with a web browser.

A True Mobile Solution SendSecure enables authorized users to exchange files of any size securely from any business or personal device (including smartphones and tablets) whether at the office or on the road. As a result, it’s a superior productivity tool.

No File Limitations SendSecure allows the exchange of any type of file (text, image, audio & video) of up to 5 GB/message as well as an unlimited number of messages per month. Most email servers limit file attachments to less than 10 MB.

Flow chart

Collaborative Work SendSecure enables file recipient to participate in a two-way conversation in addition to receiving a secured document transmission. This collaborative feature is enabled by simply clicking on the “Reply” button.

Manage Participants SendSecure lets you easily recall and delete a message and file before your recipient sees it. Moreover, it allows you to invite additional recipients to the exchange while a conversation is taking place.

Audit Trail

Proof of Delivery – SendSecure retains digitally signed transmission records of any and all access to a SafeBox. It automatically sends emails to the sender confirming all actions performed by the recipient during the different steps of the process. A Transmission Detail Report is created following the closing of the SafeBox and this report can be printed, downloaded or emailed as a PDF.

Archiving SendSecure can archive all documents that were exchanged on the platform or to an external repository or drive.


Protect Disclosure, Minimize Reputational Risk – Over the last few years many organizations have seen sensitive internal information stolen, lost or purposely leaked. Their reputations and brands may have suffered extensive damage that is impossible to value and may have negative impacts for years to come. SendSecure helps to minimize these risks.

Limit Possible Litigation and Fines – Certain industry regulations – such as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Sarbanes Oxley (SOX), the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, etc. – require companies to keep private information safe. SendSecure meets the highest Compliance Standards. The XMedius Cloud platform is also certified ISO/IEC 27001:2013. This certification provides independent assurance that XMedius’ employees operating the XMedius SendSecure can effectively run a comprehensive security program and manage information security risks.


White Label SendSecure service can be provided under the XMedius brand, or can be customized to fit a unique brand and identity (white label).

Administration and Reporting SendSecure administrators can use the secure web-based interface to manage users, generate reports and more.

Worldwide Coverage Languages supported for customer interactions (emails, user interface, PDF reports) include English, French and German.



Medical professionals and institutions–including doctors, nurses, administrators, clinics and hospitals can use SendSecure to:

  • Securely send messages, medical records and files to patients, insurance companies, clinical research, etc.
  • Share MRI, CT scan, and other large diagnostic files between physicians and patients


Frequently, clients of financial institutions are limited to using the electronic communications systems that the financial institutions have available. These systems often require software downloads or account creation. Worse yet, documents cannot always be returned using the same system.


  • Ease the workload of loan officers who need to sign banking documents with customers
  • Ensure that legal documents are kept confidential when working with regulators, outside legal counsel, or business partners
  • Secure the communications of executive teams who need to share information with their Boards of Directors, one another, outside counsel, and regulatory agencies

Mortgage Companies or Brokers

  • Help loan officers who need to send or receive sensitive documents
  • Facilitate the workflow of departments that need to receive documents from appraisers, title companies, government entities, banks and other outside parties

Insurance Companies and Brokers

  • Assists with the exchanging of information for insurance claims
  • Facilitates receiving detailed building plans or other pertinent data to provide accurate quotations to customers


Lawyers deal regularly with confidential client information and have an obligation to protect that information from being intercepted, either accidentally or deliberately.

Common uses for SendSecure include:

  • Sending contracts to other lawyers inside and outside of their firms
  • Sending sensitive messages and files to personal and business clients
  • Using Delivery Confirmation to prove that recipients received and opened secure mess


Government agencies deal with large amounts of sensitive personal data from citizens that must be protected.

  • Securely communicate social security numbers
  • Exchange Tax report information without risk

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