Welcome Visitors Back Into Your Office In A Covid Secure Way With EntrySign

Reception desks, schools, care homes and nurseries all have something in common. Can you guess what that is? If you guessed they need to keep track of visitors in and out, then you guessed correctly. Most establishments will use a form or maybe a visitor’s book. However, this presents challenges as, because of recent changes to GDPR, the details recorded should be kept and stored safely. This is not possible with a book left on a reception desk, which may be accessible to anyone and everyone.

There is also the small matter of the pandemic to contend with. Signing in and out of premises was always important for security and in case of a fire however, it is now even more important so that contacts are traceable if there are any outbreaks of Covid-19.

What can businesses do then to simplify and secure the visiting process? How can they track visitors, gain their contact details and remind them of infection control protocols without creating more work for their existing staff? The answer is to implement a Digital Visitor Solution such as EntrySign.

EntrySign is a reliable solution currently used by many businesses throughout the UK. It is installed in various sectors, including education, retail, health and social care and manufacturing.

Packed with features, it really simplifies the signing in and out process. As signing in is contactless, it has been designed to be as Covid safe as is possible. When a visitor enters the premises, they sign in using contactless technology. Their temperature can then be taken and stored, and they will also receive a notice to sanitise their hands. All details are uploaded into a central database, giving you real-time access to who is currently in the building.

There is also the option for One Click Emergency Roll Call and Time and Attendance monitors.

EntrySign is customisable so you can decide which questions you’d like to ask those entering the premises. This allows you to ask additional security questions, check that your visitor has no symptoms of illness, or to even conduct market research.

It really is the perfect solution for you to have easy access to records, allowing for contact tracing, safety of your staff and premises and fire evacuations.

If you would like to know more about EntrySign, please get in touch today.

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