On-site and Off-site Document Processes

According to a recent report from the Office for National Statistics, nearly 50 % of employees are now working from home. This has for many organisations, caused disruption to traditional office-based functions and processes. It has led many organisations to review what they have always done in-house as none core business activity and out-source to a specialist facility who provide these services off-site, not only more efficiently, but at a significant cost saving.

As the UK continues to adapt and pivot to a new normal, Docuflow is seeing an explosion of enquiries on how we can help organisations remove expensive in-house processes. It may not be business as normal but this time can be used wisely to review how document, mail and workflows in-house compares to outsourcing, not only to help your organisation work remotely in a secure manner, but also abandon unnecessary and expensive legacy processes that are tying you to your office.

Docuflow can help you achieve your business goals through our range of services and solutions addressing all your on-site document requirements, Document Process Outsourcing (DPO), and off-site print, mail and scanning solutions.

An on-site document service may require a new contract or investment into a new system which can be hardware, software and staff related. This could be expensive, as very often it is not a core service which you provide to your clients. Many organisations outsource these non-core activities and processes to our off-site facilities which are specifically designed for this purpose and whose principal focus is capturing non-core document processes from other organisations. Some popular processes to be outsourced and taken off-site are:

  • Invoices and finance communication and processes
  • Post & Digital Mail Room
  • Document Delivery Portals
  • Printing
  • Scanning
  • Storage
  • Archival
  • Retrieval

Are there are any in-house document processes which you would like to remove from your organisation? Sometimes you might not be aware of processes that can be undertaken off-site, just because they have always been done in-house. Docuflow can help you explore these easy to implement, off-site options, by running through your current processes and analysing exactly how we can work together to make your business model more agile.

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