Postal Solutions

What are Postal Solutions?

We connect the physical and the digital worlds, at the click of your mouse. Our postal solutions for inbound and outbound mail, as well as a suite of office hardware, can provide a business process design which can transform your business beyond outsourcing.


Our core Postal Solutions…


Hybrid Mail

DocuPod Hybrid Mail allows you to send mail Cheaper, Faster and efficiently to your customers, on time and in a professional manner. By using modern document technology, you can post your mail directly from your desktop, tablet or phone, at a click of your mouse.

How does DocuPod work?

DocuPod can send letters and documents, directly to your assigned Postal Room. You will no longer need to do any of the time-consuming printing and posting work. Simply click File, PrintPost and your mail is gone out for processing the same day – we take care of the rest. You can even track your printing and delivery process.


Watch a brief video showing how DocuPod can transform your business.


DocuPod Mailing Process. The mail is submitted for posting and received at your assigned print room, this can be on site or off site. Your post will then get printed and sent remotely either in person or email. Finally, upon your mail being sent, you are able to track the progress.


Mailroom Hardware

In addition to supplying a class-leading collection of franking machines, we also offer a range of mailing room equipment. These can assist and enhance your mailing processes, from top quality letter openers and highly accurate auxiliary postal scales, through automated folder-inserters that maximise the efficiency of your mailing process, to professional document shredders that protect sensitive data from confidentiality leaks.

Learn more about, how we mitigate against data breaches and damaging cyber-attacks.


Digital Mailroom

What is DocuPost?

DocuPost is a web based “Document Delivery Portal” which allows you to send any type of document.

Saves up to 80% of postage costs

The portal automates post by delivering business documents electronically via a secure document delivery portal. It provides guaranteed delivery and is secure and easy to use. If you are using stamps or franking devices, DocuPost will significantly reduce your postage costs!

Assured delivery, traceability and visibility

In the case of e-billing, the DocuPost self-service portal will save you money by reducing customer service enquiries. Document visibility will also allow the sender to see when the document has been delivered, read or saved.


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Our portfolio of products and best of class solutions and services encompassing hardware and software In House, Outsourced or in the Cloud combined with our ability to manage existing contracts and agreements where beneficial. We offer unique turnkey solutions enabling us to deliver seamlessly across the UK supported by superb levels of service and customer care.

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