Optimised Visitor Management

Ensure your visitors enjoy a high-end service by making Optimised Visitor Management a key feature in your workplace and a part of your welcome process.

Docuflow’s Optimised Visitor Management Systems are smart, secure and easy to use platforms for managing guests’, employees’ and contractors’ registration.

Touchscreen technology and stylised, intuitive software empowers visitors to quickly and efficiently sign themselves in and out using the designated kiosk.

Using this method, data capture of important information for data protection, and adherence to legal requirements is completed in just a few seconds. By making the visitor in charge of this data gathering procedure, your organisation is being proactive in being GDPR compliant and implementing data protection principles.

Visitors can also have their badges automatically printed via a badge printer, which can be installed upon request.

Our Optimised Visitor Management systems help you safeguard colleagues by creating a more secure working environment. You can let the advance reporting function help you generate real-time reports to identify exactly who is in the building for security, compliance and health and safety reasons.

You can make the platform your own by customising screen designs and sign-in processes to make the system bespoke to your organisation.

Transcending aesthetic appeal, this impressive piece of kit has powerful software which instantly notifies employees by text message or email that their guest has arrived. Couriers can drop off packages using a dedicated delivery button and employees are notified in the same way.

Create a lasting impression by making Optimised Visitor Management a key feature in your workplace. Get in touch today for a chat, or to get booked in for a free demo.

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