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DocutrackDocuTrack is the secure way to sign, approve and send confidential documents, anytime, anywhere. The best part? You do not have to be present in an office, or physically sign papers. As long as you can receive e-mails, you are open for business anytime.

You may have contemplated digital transformation in the past. Covid-19 has certainly challenged the status quo, and as such, social and economic structures have been forced to evolve. As remote working becomes the norm and the move towards a digitally viable business model becomes all the more pressing, now is the time to eliminate redundant paper processes and lead a business that is digitally transformative.


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Who is DocuTrack for?

It is for you if you have any documents that require a signature, acceptance, or authorisation. This can be anything from proposals and bids to tenders, quotations, legal documents and contracts. A great example is how DocuTrack can help you streamline your HR department. If your company is working remotely and you have taken on a new hire, you can send a HR contract to your employee via DocuTrack. Traditionally, once an offer has been made, an employment contract is sent via post to the new employee, who then signs it and returns by post.

Alternatively, still using the traditional method, the document can be sent by e-mail attachment, which your new employee would download, print off, sign, scan, attach to e-mail then send back to you. In both of these laborious, time-consuming instances of post and e-mail, you have no way of actually knowing whether your important document has been received, when it has been signed, or if there are any issues with it.

With DocuTrack, transparency gives you peace of mind, as you get notifications during every step of the process. With DocuTrack, you can get a signature in a fraction of the time and welcome your new employee onboard within hours.


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How does DocuTrack work?

You choose a document that needs to be signed. You then add people who need to sign it, which can be a list of multiple individuals, or just one person. If you want, you have the option of adding more information fields such as company name, or job title. Once you click send, your recipient(s) will receive an e-mail asking them to sign.

E-book CTAThe brilliant part is that you can add sections where a signee can add comments to a document before pre-signing. The signee can print their name, or if they wish, ‘write’ their signature, whatever they feel comfortable with. You will then receive a notification report that the document is signed. Versatility, flexibility and transparency lies at the heart of DocuTrack.

You can send and sign documents anywhere, whilst on the go. Conduct business from the palm of your hand and work smarter and more efficiently whilst staying connected. DocuTrack is user-friendly and simple to implement.

By accelerating agreements and eliminating manual tasks, you are increasing productivity by working efficiently and effectively bolstering your workflow whilst saving time and money in the process. Do business wherever you are by staying connected with DocuTrack.

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