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Take your presentations and meetings to the next level with our interactive screens and displays. Make your meetings memorable and your presentations pop by using professional screens to convey your message for maximum impact.

Our roster of clients span diverse industries including corporate business, government and education, who use professional screens to create engaging and informative content.

Screen set-up is efficient and once installed, you can quickly start captivating your audience with high quality visuals, highly responsive screens and digital whiteboard technology. The sleek touch-screen that comes with its own digital stylus is pre-installed with user friendly software to help make meetings, lectures and presentations must-watch events in your company.

Is this screen for you?

Not only can you use a professional screen for meetings and presentations; it can also be an effective tool where your work includes mock-ups in architectural construction, engineering or design-led environments.


If you work in a demanding, collaborative environment, then a professional screen will revolutionise the way you work and communicate with your team. For a truly collaborative approach, get everybody on the same page, even if they can’t be in the same room.

Our seamless range of solutions will help you communicate efficiently and with maximum impact. Transcend geographical boundaries; expand your reach and connect with colleagues worldwide by letting delegates connect remotely by simply downloading an app to start viewing your presentation in seconds.

Enjoy the freedom to effectively communicate with remote employees, customers or vendors at different locations without compromising productivity, security or budget. Take advantage of this powerful, cloud-based technology for only a minimal investment and reasonable access fee. The screens use an Internet connection and feature an easy-to-use interface similar to a smart phone, so users can set up and operate the device with just a few clicks.

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Our portfolio of products and best of class solutions and services encompassing hardware and software In House, Outsourced or in the Cloud combined with our ability to manage existing contracts and agreements where beneficial. We offer unique turnkey solutions enabling us to deliver seamlessly across the UK supported by superb levels of service and customer care.

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