Embrace Digital Transformation with DocuTrack

Embrace Digital Signatures and Data Capture with DocuTrack

The Secure Way to Sign, Approve, and Send Confidential Documents

Efficiency and security in your business is crucial. For digital signatures and data capture our DocuTrack Cloud accessed platform provides a secure, seamless way to sign, approve, and send confidential documents from anywhere, at any time. Say goodbye to the cumbersome hassles of physical paperwork and welcome a new era of digital convenience and transformation. With DocuTrack, you’re always ready to do business.

Why Now is the Time for Digital Transformation

For organisations The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated their digital transformation plans to move away from in-office printing and manual processes. Remote working became the norm due to government advice and today many organisations have adopted hybrid working for employees which makes the digitally viable business model more crucial than ever. It’s time to eliminate redundant office based paper processes and lead your organization into a digitally transformative future.

Who Can Benefit from DocuTrack?

DocuTrack is designed for anyone with documents requiring signatures, acceptance, or authorisation. Whether you’re handling proposals, bids, tenders, quotations, legal documents, or contracts, DocuTrack simplifies the process.

Take your HR department, for example. If your company is working remotely and you’ve hired a new employee, you can send their contract via DocuTrack. Traditionally, an employment contract would be mailed to the new hire, signed, and returned by post. Alternatively, the contract might be emailed, printed, signed, scanned, and emailed back—a time-consuming process with no way of knowing if the document was received or if there were any issues.

With DocuTrack, transparency gives you peace of mind. You receive notifications at every step, ensuring you know when the document is received, signed, and if any issues arise. This streamlined process means you can onboard new employees within hours, not days.

How Does DocuTrack Work?

Using DocuTrack is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Select the Document: Choose the document that needs a signature.
  2. Add Recipients: Add the individuals who need to sign. This could be one person or multiple people. You can also add information fields like company name or job title if needed.
  3. Send and Sign: Click send, and your recipients will receive an email asking them to sign.

Recipients can add comments, print their name, or write their signature—whichever they prefer. Once signed, you receive a notification report. The process is versatile, flexible, and transparent.

Why Choose DocuTrack?

DocuTrack allows you to send and sign documents anywhere, even on the go. Conduct business from the your locations, not having to be in a fixed office location.


Key Benefits:

  • User-Friendly: DocuTrack is simple to implement and easy to use.
  • Increased Productivity: By accelerating agreements and eliminating manual tasks, you boost productivity and streamline your workflow.
  • Cost and Time Efficiency: Save time and money by reducing the need for physical paperwork and postage.
  • Stay Connected, Stay Productive.


With DocuTrack, you can conduct business wherever you are. Stay connected and manage your workflow efficiently, making it the ideal tool for the modern, digital workplace. Embrace the future of business with DocuTrack, go paperless, and transform the way you work today.


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