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Procure-to-Pay (also known as P2P) describes a company’s purchasing process, which integrates purchasing and accounts payable systems, to create greater efficiencies.

With our tailored solutions, we make it possible for organisations to completely remove paper from the entire “Order to Cash” and “Procure to Pay” cycle.

Digitalising your procurement process with DocuFlow’s software solutions can strengthen compliance and control among vendors, contracts, buyers, and accounts payable. Our process automation with procure-to-pay software can:

  • Combine manual processes to reduce errors.
  • Streamline maintenance, saving time and resource.
  • Actively control and improve global spend.
  • Rapidly enable the approval of new suppliers.
  • Drive savings.

Our solutions can be based on site, on-demand or in the “Cloud”, making the implementation low cost and quick.


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The processes that we can automate are:

Accounts Payable

Reducing inefficiencies and costs which are associated with manual document processing. This is achieved by eliminating physical data entry and the handling of paper.

Accounts Receivable 

Driving efficiency and securing revenue with AI-Powered Tools.

Credit Management Automation

Removing the all-too-common obstacles, preventing today’s businesses from collecting receivables in a timely manner.

Collection Management Automation

Combining process automation and CRM properties to streamline the entire collections process and provide visibility to manage receivables.

Cash Application Automation

Allowing organisations to quickly eliminate routine tasks in the cash allocation process by auto-matching all types of incoming payments to open invoices.

Financial Solutions

Creating a business experience, where everyone wins

If you would like to explore, how we have helped other organisations transform their traditional financial processes, contact us for further information.





DocuFlow have been a proud partner of Esker, for over 10 years. Esker is recognised as a global leader in document automation and workflows, for finance and order management processes.




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