A great product and solution can become a poor product and solution very quickly without the correct after-sales support and infrastructure, at Docuflow we take after-sales support and customer service as seriously as the sale itself, all of our our support agreements provide total peace of mind that if there is an issue we will resolve it quickly and efficiently.

Printers and Copiers

Along with our hardware partners Docuflow service contracts for printers and copiers include a manufactures performance guarantee for the initial pence per print service contract term or warranty period, if your equipment, or its accessories do not operate within the manufacturer’s specifications, and if the equipment cannot be repaired to perform within the specifications, Docuflow will replace the equipment or accessory (unit for unit) with an identical model or one with comparable features.

Our support contracts include all callouts, labour, parts, service, preventative maintenance, consumables drums and toners, for the entire term. Optional Supply items such as paper and staples can be included upon request.

We guarantee fast service response from the time when a call is placed and will endeavour to fix the problem via the telephone or remote access in the first instance.

Software Support

All of our software solutions are implemented and supported by trained specialist’s in the product, service or solution you are making an investment in, we provide telephone, help-desk, remote and on-line support and if required software engineers are available for on-site support calls.

Document Software Health-Check

Our free of charge Document Software Health Check service is available for organisations who would like a consultant to visit them to discuss and review how our software solutions can streamline current processes and reduce associated costs.

Customers also have access to;

  • e-service portals
  • Telephone and Help-desk support
  • Knowledge bases
  • Software and Driver version updates
  • Auto toner and consumables ordering
  • Consumables recycling

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Our portfolio of products and best of class solutions and services encompassing hardware and software In House, Outsourced or in the Cloud combined with our ability to manage existing contracts and agreements where beneficial. We offer unique turnkey solutions enabling us to deliver seamlessly across the UK supported by superb levels of service and customer care.

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