Outsourcing: Is it for you?

There are a record number of people working from home. According to a recent survey decision-makers expect permanent remote work to double in 2021. This is just one of many clear indicators that remote working is here to stay for the foreseeable future, and why businesses may consider outsourcing to ensure business continuity. There are many processes that can be outsourced or taken off-site. Here are a few popular ones to help you streamline workflows and optimise processes.

Invoices | finance communication

With Docuflow you can outsource your credit control and Purchase To Pay (P2P) processes. We understand how labour-intensive invoicing can be, which is why we take charge of the entire invoicing cycle and implement a digital workflow for super-efficient approval processes.

Key benefits of outsourcing your invoices and finance communication processes, include saving precious time associated with handling supplier queries and constantly chasing approvals. It is a quick win and affordable way to become ‘Paper-Lite’, as you are encouraging suppliers to switch from paper invoices to PDF e-invoices.

Outsourcing financial processing is for you regardless of company size. Some of our clients are small suppliers who started using e-invoices (where no software install was needed), and who scaled up once their business started growing.


Docuflow can manage your full mail cycle and all its laborious processes for both inbound and outbound mail. Tasking us with looking after your mail means you and your team are able to use time more productively, instead of opening mail, sorting through which pages are important, scanning various sheets, renaming the digital file to your DCMS then finally filing it in the correct folder on your computer.

We will oversee post you receive by redirecting your mail to a dedicated PO Box address. For your inbound mail, we open your envelopes, sort, scan and upload the files for your perusal. If you would like to compress your signing cycle and get signatures faster, speak to us about DocuTrack, our flagship e-signature solution.

If you have a dusty, antiquated franking machine sitting in the corner of your office, there are more budget-friendly options for you to consider. Did you know, that the very first franking machine was created in 1884, and its sole purpose was to provide a reliable way to pay for postage? Fast forward 137 years, and we can say that we can most definitely save you money on more advanced options, regardless of the size of your mailouts.


We provide a rapid document scanning and archiving service, where you can digitise any document in a few seconds. Our versatile software means you are able to scan paper, content, text, photos and images to PDF or any format that you prefer. These files are then swiftly transferred to your in-house document and content management system (DCMS). If you don’t currently have a DCMS don’t worry; Docuflow can help you with this by exploring benefits of a DCMS and find one that will work for you.

Say that you have a six-foot filing cabinet, packed full of documents that need scanning. We will arrange collection of documents and delivery to our scanning centre. The size of documents doesn’t matter – CAD drawings, for example, range in size from A3 to A0. Whatever size document you have which needs to be scanned, from the most popular A4, to A0, Docuflow can digitise for you.

Our document scanning solutions are flexible and effortlessly easy to implement. Not only are you able to outsource scanning – regardless of volume – you also have peace of mind that all your archived documentation is stored in a confidential manner.

Off-site Print Room

If you use a Print Room on-site (be it for basic or complex printing needs), you may run into issues in this current climate. For example, you might find it difficult to staff your Print Room which can be a significant overhead, especially when not being utilised to full capacity.

An off-site Print Room can benefit any organisation, of any size, in any sector.

Perhaps your company provides high quality plant hire and needs to send thousands of monthly invoices to clients across the UK.

Perhaps your printing company creates wide format signage and bespoke designs requiring technical finishing equipment.

We can provide these services to you off-site from a state-of-the-art outsourced print and mail centre which operates an on-demand facility. This means your mail can be posted or delivered to multiple locations in the UK or globally, in just a few clicks, in a few seconds.

We offer an exciting range of solutions and services including hardware (printing) and digital (Document Delivery Portals). If there are any in-house document processes which you would like to streamline or remove from your organisation, get in touch today by emailing info@docuflow.co.uk now.

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