P2P: Give your finance system a health check and automate

Cars undergo an annual MOT. It is recommended UK citizens undergo a free NHS Health Check every five years. If it is recognised that humans and cars need to have a frequent ‘health check’ how about thinking of giving the same level of care and consideration to your finance operation?

It may have been a while since you really looked at your in-house processes. That is fine, because if something works OK, why bother changing it, especially right now?

Docuflow understand that now more than ever, time and money are precious resources.

This is why we recommend you take a look at your in-house finance procedures. You need to really understand how the whole process works, to see if it is working as efficiently as it should.

Nothing pleases us more, than seeing businesses operating at optimum levels. So, if you are satisfied with your legacy system, that is brilliant news and we are happy that you are content with your finance department.

If however, you are wondering about areas for improvement, then Docuflow can help by acting as a knowledge bank and sharing best practise of finance solutions that are most popular with our client base.

Do you wish, for example, that your invoice approval process could be faster? Do you want to reduce the amount of paper you use? Perhaps you want to become a totally paperless organisation and automation is on your radar?

As the UK Government continues to work towards its ambition of zero avoidable waste by 2050 (as referenced in Government’s 25-year Environment Plan), Docuflow are keen advocates of automation and a digital-first strategy. This lies at the beating heart of our own operation and it is something we are passionate about (this is reflected in Docuflow being appointed to the UK Government’s G-Cloud 12 Framework).

Our aim is to get your business working as efficiently and smartly as possible. In order to determine this, we will cast a critical eye over your current financial methods and do a deep-dive into your processes, to analyse what can be improved and offer workable suggestions.

Our solutions can be based on-site. They are also increasingly popular as an on-demand or off-site Cloud service making the implementation low cost and quick.

Our Procure 2 Pay (P2P)) solutions are for businesses of any size. It doesn’t matter whether you are a start-up company, SME, large corporate or Government department . Our easy to implement finance solutions are bespoke and therefore can be quickly scaled up to cater for an increase in demand.

Our automated platform covering the entire P2P process offers a wide-ranging 360° view of supplier information. This equips finance departments with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robot Process Automation (RPA) technology at their fingertips, truly enabling them to function like digital-first, 21st century organisations. RPA is a powerful technology practice that enables companies to work smarter by automating laborious, rules-based business processes such as manual invoice processing. By removing physical touchpoints and making it a paperless process, businesses can operate more efficiently in a transparent manner. Think of RPA technology as a virtual assistant, that keeps companies organised whilst letting employees allocate more time to higher value work with full compliance. In implementing our AP invoicing solution, you are improving cash management, reducing operational costs and speeding up audit procedures.

Our Accounts Receivable Invoice Solution ensures the entire cycle, starting from invoice delivery to cash allocation, is fully automated. Intelligent AR tools make invoice formatting, compliance, delivery and archiving quick and simple. You are able to facilitate faster payment and reconciliation with a feature-rich customer portal with benefits such as autopay and discount management. This means cash application is turbo-charged and credit and collections management is rendered smarter with automated reminders, task lists and KPIs.

If you send documents frequently and need a more sophisticated solution, our document processing software will revolutionise your business. Embrace automation and see real-time document processing and tracking enabled by a global network of production facilities. You can send documents via cloud 24/7 from an ERP system or desktop, enabling you to effectively do business anytime, anywhere.

Our software suite means we can effectively automate Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Document Delivery, Purchasing, Sales Order Processing and e-invoicing (where you can both send and receive digital invoices).

Would you like to explore how we have helped numerous organisations transform their traditional financial processes by using the latest technologies? Our P2P solutions enable you to streamline and simplify your financial operations, whilst reducing costs and providing greater visibility and transparency across your financial processes.

Don’t just resume business. Rethink. Evolve into the best version it can be.

Please e-mail info@docuflow.co.uk now for more information.

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