Proof Your Business with Digital Transformation and Disaster Recovery

Covid has irrevocably changed how businesses operate. With phrases like ‘The New Normal’ yielding over 2.2million results on Google, it is easy to see that a new way of working is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

Is there now a new way of business life?

History tells us we there will definitely be events which will impact our day to day lives and how we work.

Major events can severely impact the way we work and having alternatives to traditional ways of office working and a disaster recovery plan in place, is a key business strategy.

We can adapt, pivot and build on a digital-first foundation, but how disaster-proof can your business really be?

There is no easy answer. Yes the human spirit and businesses are resilient, yet the onus is on us to build endurance and succeed.

What can we do to flourish, succeed and not be caught off-guard? We can put systems and processes in place to mitigate events beyond control.

A Policy paper titled ‘Coronavirus Action Plan’ published by the UK government in March 2020 said that the UK’s health sector would implement business continuity plans to alleviate the impact of disruption to the supply chain and wider society.

One of the ways you can safeguard business continuity is to have systems in place which enable you and your workforce to work from home. As hybrid working – where work is split between the home and the office – emerges as a popular way of working, having access to important documents regardless of time-zone and geography is crucial. Using a robust document and content management system (DCMS) means you can maintain version control of documents, establish layered security by setting access rights that varies between individuals, digitise paper documents to decrease physical space and save files in multiple formats including audio visual content.

Do you have a business continuity plan, or would you like assistance in exploring how you can work more efficiently by embracing digital transformation?

One of our esteemed clients who have benefited from digital transformation, digitising documents and automation processes is the charity British Tinnitus Association. Docuflow assisted this organisation in implementing bespoke workflows to remove laborious paper processes. By using our DCMS and specialist scanning and archival service, the charity was able to digitise documents and eviscerate paper trails, ramp up their online security and access confidential documents in just a few clicks via the cloud. By having access to their information remotely, there has been no impact on the fantastic work and advice they provide due to recent events.

On the software side, Docuflow experts oversaw full software install, provided training and shared best practise for DCMS usage. On the archival side, binders of British Tinnitus Association’s paper documents were safely packaged and despatched to Docuflow’s UK-based production scanning centre, where they were manually removed from folders, smoothed out, any staples removed then scanned into the system.

Docuflow are proud to be a part of British Tinnitus Association’s digital transformation journey and we continue to help them to use their DCMS to work even more efficiently across their entire business, from document retrieval to finance.

Docuflow are experts in delivering document process improvements on-site, off-site and in the cloud.

For more information about Docuflow’s digital document management solutions or to discuss digital transformation, please e-mail now.

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