5 Tips to Print Less in Your Office

As a society, we have never been more aware of the unnecessary waste that we produce. One of the bigger producers of waste in the office is paper. Not only is avoidable paper usage bad for the environment, but it also affects your business’ bottom line.

How would you feel if I told you that, on average, each office worker prints around 45 sheets of paper? Shocking right? Then how would you feel if I told you that at least half of that is waste? This is according to research by Kyocera.

As Docuflow is highly experienced with Managed Print Services, we have seen first-hand how some companies struggle with excess or unnecessary printing. Read below for tips on how to reduce your printing, reducing your business waste, saving you money & using less paper.

Don’t rely on default printer settings

  • Alter settings from printing only single sided to double sided
  • Look to use settings such as shrink to fit

Proof-read any documents using the computer instead of printing to manually proof-read

Think whether you really need print outs for a meeting

  • Look into emailing the notes & slides over instead
  • Have a digital copy to hand for the meeting room

Think before you print a page

  • Often, we only need some of the information. Can you print only what you need instead of a complete document or webpage?
  • When printing out an email, remove unnecessary information such as signatures & any unknown previous email conversations.

Print when you need the document

  • This is likely to avoid somebody forgetting they have clicked print & therefor printing again.

Docuflow’s solutions & services can help your business reduce its paper usage. We take the time to understand each individual business, providing you with a Managed Print Solution or a Document Management Solution designed to use less paper & save you money.

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