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InfoRouterFinding information isn’t easy – unless you use infoRouter document and content management software.

Initially developed for the US Aerospace industry, infoRouter is deployed globally in all types of organisations, in many commercial sectors, with over 400,000 users it is one of the most popular solutions available, it is easy to use with a collaborative document portal which connects information to employees, wherever their location in the world.

Whether you work in words, pictures, audio, or video, infoRouter can manage any type of document or file.

Where is your corporate knowledge?

Companies generate a tremendous amount of paper and digital content; proposals, contracts, customer profiles, human resources related documents, financial reports, forms, announcements and memos are generated every day. Great organisations make the most of their corporate knowledge, whether its paper, digital media or in people’s heads. InfoRouter’s wide range or connectors means it is a doddle to bring all your IP together in one secure repository.

Capturing Data from Any Source

Icon methods

No bloatwareMany organisations have heard sorry tales of document management software, or knowledge management projects where costs have spiraled out of control and they simpily haven’t worked out.

These legacy “Bloatware” solutions are costly to implement, complex to maintain and just too difficult for the users to understand, whereas infoRouter can be deployed in hours and all you need is a web browser – simple!

Some Example infoRouter Applications

Import your shared drives or scan legacy paper to create a secure and searchable companywide repository
Deploy electronic forms and capture data instantly – e.g. H&S forms, Expenses, Holiday Requests etc.
Create ISO Period Review tasks for company procedures and quality documentation
Add version control to drawings, quality procedures, contracts, pricelists etc.
Replace paper chains with work flow approval processes – great for Purchase Invoice Approval, Purchase Requisitions, Contract Approval, Quality documents etc.
Customer Portals – Allow your customer or suppliers to interact with documents relevant to them via a secure infoRouter portal
Poll an email account and download documents to kick off another process (e.g.
MS Office Plugin – Capture all your emails and Office documents at source and apply version control
Subscribe to important files – any changes and you’ll be automatically notified via email
Using the web services API you can quickly integrate infoRouter into your existing website or ERP system

Document Management Features

ScreenshotSimple Browser Access

Using a standard web browser you can:

Find Documents Fast – Search for documents via full text or custom meta-data

Quality Control – Apply version control, publishing rules or ISO review periods on all your company files

Work flow Approve Documents – Quickly create work flow approval processes for expenses, supplier invoices, purchase orders, design request changes and much more

Subscription – Subscribe to specific document or parent libraries – once subscribed you will be automatically emailed when a document changes or new docs are added


ScreenshotMS Office Plug-in Module

The infoRouter Office Plug-In is great for publishing Outlook emails and attachments into infoRouter. Again, you can add meta-data and kick of workflow approval processes.

Also available for MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint the plug-in is ideal for seamlessly checking out documents from infoRouter, making changes then simply saving at the end of the process.

The plug-in applies version control as you work and the end result is that your colleagues only see the latest published version.



ScreenshotEmail Scanner Service Module

Many important documents arrive via email (e.g. orders, purchase invoices, customer enquiries etc.) and all too often we print a hardcopy to allow us to process them.

Not any more, the email scanner service can poll one or many email accounts for new emails and attachments.

New emails can automatically be imported into infoRouter with all the email meta-data, ready for processing.



ScreenshotScan Station Module

The infoRouter ScanStation module works well with multi-function devices and/or scanners and is a great way to index and archive scanned documents.

Keywords can also be added against documents and workflow approval processes kicked off.



ScreenshotImport/Export Tool Module

The import/Export tool is an ideal way to import legacy data from your corporate shared drives or local PC into InfoRouter.

Once imported, electronic documents will be fully text searchable and you can apply a robust security structure and version control.



ScreenshotHot Folders Service Module

The Hot Folders Service is a great way to import data from 3rd party applications (e.g. ERP, CRM or scanning software) by polling a number of watch folders.

Files can simply be moved from A to B, or with the addition of a small XML control file can be indexed and aimed at a workflow process.


Advanced Modules

We’re continually developing new advanced modules for infoRouter which are designed for specific applications or vertical markets. These modules interact with the core infoRouter engine but expose a “presentation layer” with only the information relevant for a particular application.

InfoRouterDigital Mailroom
Ideal for organisations receiving both paper and electronic mail which needs processing through their organisation. This module also includes a graphical report function to monitor individual perfomance levels and identify bottlenecks

Agile Routing
This allows the routing of files and notes via single step workflows and is really useful where you can’t define a fixed workflow process – useful for purchase invoice approval, customer queries, engineering change requests etc.

Complaints can be raised from either an email or with a desktop client and processed via workflow to conclusion

HR Office Plugin
This plugin is designed specifically for archiving documents and files related to an HR department

Advanced Doc Viewer
Provides an HTML file viewer for infoRouter and supports all common file formats

Meta-data Export
Used to archive data from infoRouter libraries with associated meta-data

Patient Records
Developed for managing patient or client records

Note: Advanced modules require a base infoRouter installation and are chargeable.

Top 10 Reasons to use InfoRouter

1. Low Cost of Ownership
InfoRouter is very reasonably priced using a simple, easy-to-understand pricing model. It is powerful enough to satisfy the needs of many large, Fortune 500 clients, yet it remains affordable for small to medium-sized enterprises.

2. Rapid ROI
Nucleus Research, an independent research firm specializing in measuring the ROI (Return on Investment) of IT investments, recently reported that 83% of companies surveyed, reported a positive ROI on their investment in Document Management tools. That’s a much higher percentage than can be found with virtually any other IT investment! It’s just one reason that Gartner Research puts Document Management squarely in their magic quadrant of tools with high ROI and low cost of ownership.
InfoRouter can easily pay for itself in just months given the increased ability for users to locate the information they need. Productivity gains are only part of the picture. InfoRouter also saves you money by centralizing and managing a function typically spread over countless applications and systems. Finally, there’s the very real value associated with your peace of mind — knowing that all of your precious corporate information is centralized, secured, versioned, and instantly recoverable.

3. Easy to Use and Maintain
Virtually no training is required for new infoRouter users. If your users are experienced Windows users, they’ll find infoRouter very familiar and easy to understand.

4. Instant Deployment
Our customers report that the setup and implementation of infoRouter typically takes only two hours. Compare that to the weeks — and often months — that it takes to deploy some competitive offerings, and we think you’ll agree that infoRouter leads the industry in rapid

5. Intranet Out-of-the-Box
Many of our customers find that infoRouter makes an ideal Intranet, right out of the box! Let everyone in the company contribute to the Intranet without having to know any HTML or Web programming.
Easily publish all of your company’s electronic documents in their native format, with no costly conversions of existing content.

6. Securely access business critical documents from anywhere, at anytime.
Documents are the lifeblood of an organisation. They are absolutely fundamental to the success of your business. Why not centralize these documents so that they are available to the right people at the right time, from anywhere in the world? It’s simple with infoRouter. All you need is a browser. There is no need for client–side applications or plug-ins. Anyone with internet access – and of course with the proper security authentication – can securely access and manage your precious intellectual assets.

7. Web services API – Open Architecture
Your in-house applications can be integrated easily into infoRouter. Systems or applications lacking content and document control features can be enhanced and extended by integrating them with infoRouter. The Web Services API will allow your developers to access all core functions of infoRouter by making a series of simple SOAP calls.

8. Work with a Great Company
Docuflow offers a very customer-oriented development approach. We view our customers as true partners, and seek customer input on all product enhancements. We will happily admit that most of our coolest features are the ideas of our customers!

9. Do things you didn’t think were possible
Using infoRouter, you will be able to offer services to your internal and external customers, vendors, suppliers, and anyone else you need to collaborate with. You’ll be able to instantly provide secure access to important business documents to whomever needs it. You’ll even be able to collaboratively manage programs, proposals, projects, contracts and relationships with your internal and external customers.

10. Standards-based Technology
InfoRouter is not a typical proprietary enterprise software solution. It is built on the industry standard .NET platform. The solution runs on industry-standard hardware and operating systems such as Windows 2008/2012 servers. It uses industry database platforms such as Oracle, MS SQL Server and MySQL. InfoRouter can be accessed through standard web browsers like IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and other Mozilla based browsers.


How is infoRouter licenced?
The core infoRouter server and 10 users can be purchased outright on a perpetual licence, rented or provided as a Cloud service.

Is there a software maintenance charge?
Yes, there is an annual charge for software maintenance, which includes help desk support, technical fixes and free version upgrades.

How many users will I need?
To gain access to infoRouter you need a user logon. However, anonymous libraries are public areas which don’t require a user license and are useful for read only information.

Can extra infoRouter users be added easily?
Yes, extra users can be added in minimum blocks of 5.

Is there a limit to the number of infoRouter users?
Theoretically there is no limit as you can just keep adding infoRouter servers to cope with your requirements. The largest infoRouter user has over 15,000 users with many terabytes of data online.

Is infoRouter difficult to configure and manage?
For users with IT skills and appropriate training (e.g. sysadmin training is half a day), it’s really simple to use. However, for companies without any IT resource we can complete all the setup, support and maintenance for you.

To install infoRouter on my own server, what do I need?
Just a modern Windows Server, physical or virtual (e.g. Server 2008 R2 or 2012 R2) running Microsoft Web Server / ISS 7 or above.

Do I need a database license to run infoRouter?
infoRouter can be configured to use MySQL, MS SQL or Oracle databases. MySQL is license free but the later two require a valid license.

Are all the infoRouter modules included with the server?
Yes, the Office Plug-in, the Import/Export tool, the Email Scanner and the Hot Folders service are included foc.

Is the infoRouter web services API included in the base install?
Yes, this is included foc – Docuflow can also arrange training or API development skills for custom integration projects.

Can you provide custom apps and plug-ins for infoRouter?
Yes, Docuflow developers often provide custom applications for infoRouter users – these are priced on a case by case

Can I evaluate infoRouter?
Yes, we can provide access to our demo server, or you can install it free for 30 days on your own server.

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