Boomerang e-signed documents with DocuTrack in seconds

Digital transformation has been turbo-charged over the past few months, as companies embrace working from home and put into practice, digital methods to supersede traditional ones.

One such area that can be vastly improved through digital transformation is your document approval system.

If you send quotations, contracts, or any document that needs a signature, then get ready to make DocuTrack one of your favourite solutions. It is low cost, easy to use, is super-fast, intuitive, user-friendly and can be implemented in minutes.

You can effectively digitally boomerang your documents that require a signature via DocuTrack, a pioneering cloud solution. You can see at a glance how your recipient interacts with your document. Expert tracking means you can see if your document has been downloaded or signed. If it is a more complex document, requiring annotations and input from other parties, you can even add or respond to comments logged. If for example, you’re the kind of person who likes to know exactly when your contract has been delivered and viewed, you can even pre-set DocuTrack for email updates. This means you are informed of very single interaction anyone has with the document. This transparency means DocuTrack is excellent for audit purposes as any e-signing of the document is date-stamped and time-stamped.

Time is one of the most precious resources, which is why we are extremely proud of DocuTrack, our flagship e-signature solution designed to save you time and make conducting business easier.

DocuTrack enables businesses of any size to use a highly efficient method to distribute documents with suppliers, clients and colleagues. DocuTrack speedily compiles and securely sends business documents which need an electronic signature. Even more examples of documents requiring a signature include HR contracts, purchase orders, sales invoices, and proposals.

If you feel that you are constantly chasing people for their signature, make waiting a thing of the past by embracing digital transformation and making DocuTrack a key part of your workflow process.

Think about the time-frame of getting a physical document signed via post or e-mail. You’d choose the document, if sending or receiving send it to the printer, print off the document, send it via postal mail or attach to an e-mail, wait for it to be delivered, wait till it is signed, wait some more for it to be returned via post or e-mail, then finally it would make its way into your office. If you’re exhausted just reading that sentence, then you’d fully appreciate and recognise how tedious and slow this process is when it really needn’t be this long. Why waste this much time when you can do business the better, more efficient way?

By the way, this traditional signing process doesn’t even factor in the cost of postage, labour costs or the time spent walking to the post office and waiting in the queue to get your document signed, resulting in more time being wasted.

The timescale of a traditional signing cycle can take anything from a few days, up to around a week. DocuTrack eviscerates any uncertainty and gives you a timeline that you can keep track of.

We analysed the entire signing process and worked tirelessly with our developers to create a super-efficient, streamlined process. This now means our customers can send and receive e-signed documents within seconds, all by just having an Internet connection.

A Docuflow customer said: “I have used other solutions in the past, but nothing compares to DocuTrack. I love how I can brand DocuTrack with my own company logo, which looks great when I am interacting with current and potential new clients. If I am putting my best foot forward and using the best technology when liaising with new clients, this means I am conveying an air of professionalism too. DocuTrack has been a game-changer for us, because never before has it been more important to stand out from the crowd, and I am now able to do that with this brilliant solution.”

DocuTrack is easy to use, install and you can see in real-time when your document is signed. Get in touch today for a no obligation on-line demonstration and free trial by emailing now to make DocuTrack a part of your business.

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