Create a virtual storefront from anywhere in the world with Corepint, a market leading Web2Print solution

It is challenging for any business to generate marketing content while still remaining true to its identity. This becomes especially challenging when individuals involved are working remotely, potentially from another time zone. Just how can a Marketing Manager ensure everyone involved uses the correct materials for each project?

Docuflow is delighted to announce that we have partnered with the market leaders for Web to Print (W2P), Vpress. Enabling us to further enhance our Commercial and Professional print offering. This means that Docuflow can now offer print solutions that allow you to deliver new products, services, and opportunities to all kinds of organisations and individuals.

Vpress W2P offering, Coreprint, has been designed to reduce the need for 3rd party design and marketing teams. This not only saves valuable time but also lessens printing costs and it helps to decrease human errors too. The platform is quick to set up and cost-efficient, enabling you to see a rapid return on your investment. Coreprint is a cloud-based print platform and the flagship product of Vpress. It provides powerful, personalised content that supports multimedia marketing campaigns and integration with MIS, workflows and ERP/CRM software.

Coreprint creates a virtual and available storefront that is accessible 24/7. From this storefront, customers can easily and securely review and submit any artwork. This can then be sent straight to print.

The platform makes it straightforward to design, draft, and print orders using templates tailored to that customer. Crucially ensuring that any design printed remains true to that brand’s guidelines and identity. Coreprint makes it simple to edit templates on the go so amendments can all be made from anywhere in the world.

For more information or to arrange a remote demonstration email or telephone 01332 405 900.

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