Digital Transformation: What are the benefits?

It may be a phrase that you have heard often, “Digital Transformation”. Especially during the pandemic, as it forced businesses to adapt to new ways of operating. With staff working remotely, unable to access the office, technology has been used to implement new processes and upgrade old, often time-consuming practises. But what is Digital Transformation and what are the benefits?

To put it simply, Digital Transformation is the incorporation of technology throughout a business. It alters how that business operates, creating automated processes, and enables employees and customers to access information swiftly and with ease. Therefore, ensuring that whatever the problem or task is quickly acted upon saving time and resources.

Do any of the following scenarios sound familiar? Perhaps you’ve noticed that you need to improve productivity. Maybe you’ve started feeling pressure from your competitors. Or could it be that you realise you need to be more environmentally aware as a business? Digital Transformation can help you with these!

Key Benefits

1. Reduces costs – Digitally automating your company’s processes helps to reduce the cost of human error and it lessens your operating costs. By using automation, you are reducing the workload for your employees, allowing you to assign them to tasks which are more important for your business.

2. Improves customer service – Digital transformation allows for more streamlined processes which enhance the customer experience. Employees have easy access to the relevant information, allowing them to assist the customer in much less time. Having a bigger online presence also allows for customers to confidently interact with your business across various platforms.

3. Improves efficiency – Employees from different departments, in different locations all over the world, have access to the same information at the same time. Using digital technologies streamlines workflows and removing manual processes boosts productivity in your employees.

4. Flexibility – If 2020 and 2021 have taught us anything, it is that businesses need to change and adapt to unforeseeable situations. Digitally transforming your business allows for remote working and hybrid working, which are set to continue long after the pandemic comes to an end.

5. Lower your carbon footprint – Did you know that the World Economic Forum has said that we can reduce global carbon emissions by 15% just by adopting digital technology? You can lower your carbon footprint by reducing the amount of paper you use, and digital transformation means that you will have to print more infrequently.

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