DocuPage – A Guide To Our Managed Print Service

Are you entering the world of Managed Print for the first time? Maybe you’ve realised that your business is wasting too much money on purchasing new printers, buying expensive inks, toners & consumables, or paying for engineers & parts when devices breakdown. You may just want to make a conscious effort to reduce waste within your office; you’re aware that a Managed Print Service can help you with this, but you’re not entirely sure how. We’ve put together a guide below showing just how Docuflow’s Managed Print Service, DocuPage can help you and why implementing it really will have a positive impact on your business.

What is DocuPage?

DocuPage is a serviced designed to manage & optimise your print fleet’s output. We will assess your current print setup & from there, a more cost-effective solution is recommended & set up. All software & hardware will be supplied, devices include printers, scanners & copiers which are monitored for usage. Replacement parts & toners will automatically be replenished.

As the user, your only concern will be replenishing the paper. Everything else is taken care of! DocuPage makes it simple to maintain your print fleet, freeing up your resources, reducing waste & enabling you to save valuable time & money.

How will DocuPage benefit your business?

Efficiency – Time is a precious commodity, especially within the workplace. Small, everyday problems within an office add up to create plenty of time wasted. Some of these problems could be those annoying print issues – like paper jams or printing errors. The time your colleagues spend trying to sort these problems adds up & affects your business’s efficiency. DocuPage takes care of these small niggles, taking them off your hands so you & your employees can be more efficient & productive.

Keep track of costs – We provide DocuPage as a fixed cost per copy service. Pay a fixed cost per page for all mono & colour printing. All toners, parts, servicing, consumables, preventative maintenance, call outs and labour come included within the price, so you never pay for more than you use. You will easily be able to keep track of your print costs.

Lessen your environmental impact – As DocuPage is tailored to your business, you can decide to put procedures in place for your company’s printing. For instance, you can choose to print mono only, or double sided only to use less toner & less paper. DocuPage can reduce the number of printers, copiers or scanners you use – lessening your electricity consumption & improving your carbon footprint.

Improve security – I’m sure you know your computers are vulnerable to security breaches. Therefore, you install software on to your PC to ensure that these do not happen. You may be less aware that your printer is also a device that can leave you open to security breaches. Only those with access can only use DocuPage’s easy-to-use management portal, meaning that you have more control over who is using your printers & for what purpose.

What is included?

DocuPage’s comprehensive service includes fleet monitoring, device level monitoring, regular servicing, technical support, toner replenishment, on-site repairs & access to our account management portal. So if you want reduced & controlled printing costs, simplified procurement, a single point of contact, free monitoring & a dedicated account manager to really allow you to keep control of your print fleet’s output, please get in touch today.

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