Eliminate email data breaches when working from home

During these difficult times an increasing number of companies are investing in “Cloud” based software to empower their colleagues and staff to work from home. How do you ensure business continuity whilst conducting business in a safe and secure manner? One of the ways you can achieve this is by implementing SendSecure, a state-of-the-art file exchange platform enabling you to safely share documents in just a few clicks.

A recent poll by Censuswide revealed 79% of senior business decision-makers in large and medium sized companies have increased their cyber security procedures to manage high volumes of remote access over the next three months. With large corporations including Boots, Sony, LinkedIn and Yahoo all having suffered major data breaches over the past few years, it is safe to say the issue of cyber security affects any business, of any size, anywhere in the world.

Which system are you using for transmission of documents? You might not even know that you are sending files precariously. Do you use public cloud file-sharing services such as WeTransfer or Dropbox, to exchange large files with colleagues? Do you think you’re erring on the side of caution by firstly sending password-protected zip files by email, followed by a second email containing the password? Do you email files containing sensitive or confidential information to colleagues?

If you’re sending sensitive information via email, then you might be surprised to know, you are leaving your company wide open to data breaches.

Think of it this way; would you carry company bank statements in a transparent binder, on public transport for all to see?

Start protecting your files today through SendSecure, a powerful solution that is highly secure, simple to use and which effectively addresses today’s document security needs.

How can you be sure files which you send do not get into the wrong hands? For even greater peace of mind, 2-Factor Authentication ensures the correct recipient opens your files, which are automatically purged based on a retention policy that is bespoke to your requirements when the SafeBox is created. Not only is it virtually impossible to send files to an unintended recipient, SendSecure is also a great way to monitor communication, as it provides a transparent trail of all messages which is a boon during auditing.

The beauty of SendSecure is that its clean, user-friendly interface means all the hard work is done by the software, leaving you to conduct your business with confidence that all your company data remains confidential. A key feature is ephemeral storage which allows sensitive files to be locked away in a virtual SafeBox. Any files exchanged are scanned for viruses, then encrypted in transit, and at rest. You can embed SendSecure software into email or your website, and you can start ringfencing sensitive information in as little as 48 hours, which is how long set-up typically takes.

Is SendSecure for you?

If you send large files, then SendSecure is for you (you can send files of up to 5 Terabytes with SendSecure). If you are audited frequently and want to maintain a transparent audit trail, then SendSecure is most definitely for you. In short, if you handle data of any kind that you want to keep safe then SendSecure is for you.

In this new era where increased remote working is the norm, make sure you are keeping your clients’ details safe by making SendSecure part of your unified working process.

From sending large files, to enjoying total encryption end-to-end with in-depth audit trail, the feature-rich SendSecure is a solution that will secure and protect your data and your business. To find out more about SendSecure, please click here, or get in touch today to see how Docuflow can help you protect your data.

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