Five Benefits of Removing Paper from Your Business

Take a read below for five reasons to remove paper from your business.

1. A paperless business is more organised business

It takes a lot of time to manually sign, print, organise & keep track of documents. It also creates a disorganised environment, especially if you’re in search of a specific document or nugget of information. This directly impacts what an individual can get done throughout the day, often wasting valuable time looking for documents or over records. How can you take this time and redirect it towards what matters most? Going paperless with document management, digital transformation, electronic document management & digital signature will allow for a more efficient, organised workplace. Installing an integrated software solution will centralise your documents & information, ready to be accessed anytime & anywhere.

2. Better collaboration & communication

Digitising, removing the need to print & reducing reliance on paper of paper-based processes means that your whole organisation has the necessary access to the information they always need. Individual sheets of paper, manual old filing systems or a sticky note that was placed on a customer file but has now gone missing can be a problem for your business. You can encourage information sharing by going paperless & centralising key information & data in your business where it can be easily accessed. This will increase productivity & overall customer satisfaction.

3. Increased productivity & efficiency

Efficiency & good time management is at the centre of all thriving businesses. Going paperless means less time spent on clerical & administrative work & more time on critical, value-added tasks. Automated systems allow you to fill out information quickly & reliably, while digitally captured data cuts down on unnecessary administrative work.

4. Reduced costs

Your business can save much more than just the physical costs when adopting a paperless approach. Money spent on printers, postage & storage, just to name a few, can be considerably reduced.

An increasingly efficient office could help to repurpose your spending. More time spent on the critical elements of your business means a higher return on your investment as there is less time being spent on time consuming, clerical tasks. In short, effort is being focused on where it matters the most.

5. Easy access / peace of mind

A paperless system allows for information to be accessed anywhere, anytime. An integrated software solution & cloud-based storage means you maintain access to your information, whether you are on the go or working from home.

The paperless approach also means less clutter in a fast-paced environment, something we all appreciate. Decreased clutter & easy access to data creates a more efficient workplace. Although you can’t eliminate every shred of paper, this approach goes a long way in eliminating errors & the fear of misplacing important documents.

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