Flourish in a hybrid working model: Get employees on the same page with Docuflow’s Scanning & Imaging Service

Did you know that an average of 1000 new words are added to the Oxford English Dictionary each year? A phrase that is looking likely to make its entrance into dictionaries this year is ‘Hybrid Working‘.

What exactly is hybrid working?

Hybrid work is an amalgamation of office-based work and home-based work. An increasing number of companies who have adopted a hybrid working model, enable employees to split their time working in the office and at home.

For example, Ernst & Young (E&Y) said its staff could work from home on a permanent basis after lockdown has eased. This accountancy firm has aligned itself with other multinational companies to join the growing chorus of pro-flexible working voices including technology behemoths Microsoft, Google, Facebook, HubSpot and InfoSys.

This highlights two key facets; firstly, that hybrid working is adopted by progressive, successful businesses and secondly, hybrid working is here to stay.

Hybrid working is more than simply empowering employees to embrace a healthier work-life balance. It is about putting robust systems in place to enable employees to work smarter and more efficiently too.

E&Y will have 17,000 staff members who will be working remotely on a permanent basis. How can they, and other companies – regardless of workforce size – get all employees on the same page to ultimately bolster successful working?

One of the most popular ways that this coordinated, joined up way of working can be achieved, is by having all your documents digitised, scanned and accessible at any time you want in just a few clicks via the cloud.

From one-off assignments to long-term ongoing scanning projects, whatever your scanning requirements are, we are confident that we can deliver for you.

The first step is for us to undertake an audit of your business processes to review your current cycle of paper documents. We will then recommend any image restoration techniques that your documents require, such as de-speckling or removal of paperclips or staples. It is during this discovery stage that we will fully understand your indexing requirements so that any future scanned documents will be easily searchable.

Throughout the whole process, we will ensure that your files will remain confidential. You can then access your files via a secure portal. If you prefer, we can save scanned information onto a media format of your choice. If you have a back-filing scanning project, we will sit down with you to cover best practices and inform you of the digitisation timeline. This is so we can create an effective scanning strategy that is bespoke to your requirements and business goals.

Who is our scanning solution for? You might be keen on streamlining processes to get all your employees on the same page. Or you might be thinking about exploring digital transformation as a way of digitising reams of paperwork. Perhaps you are in the middle of planning an office move and want to save space by decluttering and getting rid of mountains of paperwork. Or quite simply, you might want to save employees’ precious time so they are not spending hours sifting, scanning and sorting paperwork. Whatever your motivation for scanning might be, we know we can assist you with your goals and projects.

With our scanning solution, Docuflow can help your business by ensuring that employees work efficiently and in tandem with connecting departments and the wider company. We can advise you on not only DCMS, but scanning and wider digital transformation solutions.

Get in touch today to discover how to scan and save files in seconds with Docuflow’s Scanning and Imaging Service. E-mail info@docuflow.co.uk or call 0333 577 4900 for more information.

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