HR infoRouter: the HR Assistant you never knew you needed

The human race has evolved – why shouldn’t HR?

If you are one of the numerous companies who continue to use the same HR system seemingly older than national treasure Sir Ian McKellen, do not worry. You are not alone. There are over 475,000 HR professionals in the UK*, many of whom continue to use their tried and trusted system of conducting their HR business. After all, why fix something that isn’t broken?

The difference between HR in the 90s versus HR now, is like listening to music on a cassette player, in comparison to streaming Ed Sheeran’s ‘Beautiful People’ whilst being plugged into your AirPods.

Sure, the mix-tape was just about fit for purpose back then, and even now, it may summon fuzzy feelings of nostalgia, because it is familiar. But the process of listening, and the quality of music in comparison to then and now, is worlds apart.

There is one key development which has occurred over the passage of time, which should not be underestimated, and that is the power of technology.

By making one simple change, you can potentially save precious time which can then be devoted to other areas of the business where your time is better used to more effect.

This one simple change is infoRouter.

This clever piece of software – initially developed for the US Aerospace industry – might already be on your radar, or it may be the first you have heard of it.

Before appreciating how infoRouter can help you, it is important to firstly understand the HR function which covers a sweeping set of objectives.

Strategic planning and management of the workforce is one of the key priorities of HR. This process focusses on recruitment, selection and management of employees. Paperwork generated covers holidays, sick pay, annual appraisals, pensions, accidental cover and employability references. As any HR professional knows, this list is not exhaustive, and the very business of HR depends upon reliability, accountability and confidentiality.

“Take back control” should not be reserved as solely a catchy Brexit slogan; it should be applied to businesses as well. Lengthy HR processes that might be tedious to undertake – performance reviews or timesheet generation are just two to mention – could be automated, saving you time and money for you to really be in control and drive your business forward.

How can infoRouter work for you?

Docuflow can help you address your HR concerns and control document life-cycles with infoRouter, a world class document and content management solution. Implemented globally with over 400,000 users, infoRouter has since 1998, been helping HR personnel and departments digitally manage their information, documents and files in a secure and quick to access space.

Just a few benefits of infoRouter’s specially developed customised presentation layer and HR module are:

Quick to implement, easy to use and low cost unlike a lot of competing solutions

Provides regulatory compliance and corporate governance

Automation of your HR processes when staff join, leave or undergo performance reviews

Automation of approval processes, workflows and timesheet generation

Enables sharing information and collaboration of forms and documents

Its highly customisable interface means it can mimic the aesthetic of your intranet HR department or website

Capture e-mails and letters, OCR, is searchable and features metadata plus many more benefits

infoRouter can be installed on your own website or as a cloud solution starting from £25.00* per month. The human race has evolved – why shouldn’t HR?

Get in touch with us today to see how we can help streamline your HR processes and bring you up to date in the 21st century.

*Source: CIPD

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