Remote working: Get ahead of coronavirus and ensure your business doesn’t suffer downtime

Docuflow have received a number of requests from clients, who in anticipation of coronavirus surpassing the containment phase, have requested extra licences for infoRouter. This is software that enables businesses of all sizes to work from home. In the event of personnel being forced to self-isolate and work away from the office, using software which provides a seamless transition from office to home is a shrewd and practical move.

Businesses are dependent upon people so what happens when personnel can no longer work in their regular office environment?

Coronavirus is a global pandemic affecting the health of thousands of people worldwide. At the time of publishing, there are now 596 cases in the UK, with 114 countries reporting a total of 135,063 cases and 4990 deaths.

Coronavirus is not only challenging health service infrastructures the world over it is also impacting how companies conduct business in their day-to-day-service. The implications of people being quarantined and being asked to self-isolate means that repercussions of coronavirus on a business and the wider economy can be far-reaching and potentially damaging.

infoRouter is document and content management software that allows collaboration of information and provides security, standardisation, visibility, version control, access rights and audit trail amongst colleagues regardless of geographical location. It allows workers to share information securely and efficiently. Access is web-based, so all you need is a web browser such as Explorer or Chrome. With minimal training required, thanks to the user-friendly and highly intuitive interface, you can work remotely with ease and have access to all your documents in just a few clicks. It is utilised globally by over 400,000 users with many more deployments anticipated over the coming months.

infoRouter is more than just a tool to manage your documents. It is powerful integrated software that helps you effectively automate laborious tasks including document indexing, imaging, and document delivery to name but a few. Searching for an important document needn’t take time, as document retrieval makes light of searching and quickly locating relevant content. You can search on the full text of documents’ names, meta-data plus all the helpful system-provided fields such as author, date modified and file type. What is really clever, is that searches can be conducted on both the current versions of documents as well as past versions, ensuring you get to your document as quickly as possible.

One of the key features that our clients appreciate is the ability to set up workflows which could be business critical during a period of a team having to work remotely for the first time. You can scan incoming documents, routing them to predefined workflows, all the while, tracking their status, retention and disposition schedules. Workflows are a great way to ensure work is being completed and orders and Service Level Agreements are being fulfilled quickly and proficiently.

From creating custom portals for your staff to ease the transition of working from home, to accessing files efficiently owing to full integration into MS Office tools, infoRouter’s capabilities will ensure your business is performing at its peak from any location at all times.

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For the latest news on coronavirus, visit Public Health England’s Twitter.

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