Statement on coronavirus (COVID-19)

Docuflow are closely monitoring the developing situation of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and following the advice issued by HM Government and Public Health England (PHE).

We are remaining open as a business with all staff now operating from home and reacting to customer enquiries and questions.

We are in constant communication with our employees and partners about the situation, extensively communicating to our employees the importance of following hygiene protocols in line with World Health Organisation and PHE guidance. We have encouraged our employees to take any signs of illness seriously and if showing symptoms should self-isolate based upon government guidelines.

We have crisis management conversations taking place with our suppliers to ensure parts and print/mail production is in place and currently we are not foreseeing any issues with the services we provide.

Our conversations are taking place daily internally and with our suppliers to agree next steps to manage and mitigate the potential impact on Docuflow clients and business, some of the actions taken so far include.

  • Homeworking for all none-production / support staff
  • For off-site mail client’s isolation of disaster recovery site and limiting movement of people and supplies between the DR location and the primary site
  • No office access for Docuflow staff, all set-up to homework
  • Conference calls and web-ex where possible
  • External visits to Docuflow cancelled
  • Staff requested to wash hands frequently and use hand sanitisers
  • Monitoring internal stock and external stock
  • Cloud based services are all operating with DR in place
  • Advising clients on our “Cloud” based solutions which empower homeworking, governance, security of files, documentation, post and information
  • Follow government health advice

Docuflow understands that continual delivery of our services to clients is paramount to the well-being of their businesses and we will communicate further as events dictate and if actions are required which will impact on our operational ability to provide our services, however we feel we have the contingencies in place to remain fully operational.

Thank you for your ongoing support as we work through this together.

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