Use Screenspace to get your bespoke advert streamed within 5 minutes

Turn any screen into a digital sign and stream adverts that you’ve created on it

You have most probably seen digital signage at least once today, either when walking through a shopping mall to see the intu’s festive offerings, or at the gym whilst you pound the treadmill.

You might have thought – and rightly so – that the bright lights of digital signage was reserved for those with deep pockets.

You might have thought that digital signage meant employing an expensive advertising agency a la Mad Men. That would have been true until recently, and you’d be forgiven for thinking that. But Screenspace is here to challenge those perceptions and prove that their innovative digital signage solutions are accessible to all, aiming for the widest audience at the lowest price.

Screenspace is digital signage software which enables you to connect with your customers on a visceral level. Engage your customers with eye-catching adverts and prominent promotions to increase revenue and have fun whilst doing it.

You can create static adverts.

You can create animated adverts.

You can create adverts which include video footage.

If you really wanted to mix things up, you can even schedule rolling adverts that play consecutively like a playlist, which can be timed to display at pre-determined times set by you.

Run your own advertising campaign from the comfort of your living room or whilst you’re on holiday, as you are able to manage all your screens from one place, in one hit. You can even amend basic settings like screen orientation and resolution without having to be on-site.

You might be holidaying in Dunedin, New Zealand (the furthest city from London, a whopping 19,081 kilometres away to be exact) and your team might be head-quartered back in Hammersmith, London. Distance makes no difference due to the Screenspace CMS being cloud-based. (Whilst we wouldn’t advocate interrupting your much-deserved vacation with work, it is nice to have the option.)

How does Screenspace work? Download the software. Connect to the Freedom Player. Set your watch, so you can time yourself and discover that it really takes under five minutes to get set up and start creating adverts that will make you proud.

Don’t worry if the extent of your artwork is drawing matchstick men. You don’t have to be a digital design superstar, because the beauty of this software is ease of use. Screenspace’s highly intuitive interface and drag-and-drop system will have you flexing your creative muscles and get you streaming like Netflix within the hour.

Think of yourself as the artist ready to push creative boundaries. Envision Screenspace software to be your canvas, and you are sitting in the artist’s seat, 100% in control, and driving your business forward at all times.

Using a powerful CMS like Screenspace means you are in charge of the narrative at all times. Often when you engage the services of a design or PR agency, messages can get lost in translation. There is also frequent ferrying to and fro, as you give feedback on adverts, and some comments may not be taken on board. Eviscerate the approval cycle and save time and save money, by keeping the advert creation process in-house.

Is Screenspace for you?

Are you a business owner who sees the value in digital adverts?

Do you want to stay in control and create adverts?

Do you want to advertise content that needs updating frequently, but are reluctant to do so due to the costs involved of new advertising campaigns?

Screenspace is a one-stop digital signage solution designed to equip you with a full range of tools to design, publish and manage your content, ensuring that your digital signage experience is seamless, affordable and reliable.

Digital signage is a real opportunity for you to tell your story using your own creative talents. Let Docuflow assist you on your journey to create adverts that will help take your business to the next level. Get in touch today for a chat, or to get booked in for a free demo.

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